Work Packages: Once fully established, Living Norway Ecological Data Network will be built around eight inter-connected WPs. WP1 include overall consortium coordination, reporting to RCN and liaison with the SLW/BAS. WP2 is dedicated to Norwegian GBIF-node functionality. WP3 will be responsible for coordinating network activities at the national and international arena. WP4 will focus on development and implementation of biodiversity data standards in collaboration with the global community. WP5 is dedicated to operating the core ALA components (storage, index, API, metadata-catalog and portal). In WP6 we will build tools for increased data mobilization and retrieval. WP7 is dedicated to develop academic training at all educational levels, whereas WP8 will test beta-versions of the tools developed in the other WPs with case studies.

Project organization:  Living Norway is hosted by NINA. In the initial phase, Living Norway will be governed by an Executive Project Management Group (EPMG), consisting of the project manager (Erlend B. Nilsen, NINA), work package leaders and representatives from project partners that does not lead WPs. Once fully established, Living Norway will be governed by a project board, which will have the mandate to make strategic decisions on behalf of the consortium. The EPMG will also get expert advice from the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).