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Living Norway activities

Data infrastructure

We are developing data infrastructure to facilitate management and publication of ecological data. We post technical updates about tools development on our Github pages site.

Human resources

To facilitate necessary cultural change to mobilize data and facilitate implementation and development of data standards in ecology, Living Norway are engaged in networking and education activities.

Open Science

We promote open science in general to increase transparency, trust and reproducibility in science. We host our code in open repositories at GitHub.

Living Norway Colloquium 2020

We are looking forward to welcome you to the Living Norway Colloquium 2020! The title of this years event is “Towards openness and transparency in Applied Ecology”. The event will take place in Trondheim in October 12.-13. Due to the corona situation, we are planning for a combined event where you could join us remotely via video. Read more and sign in to the colloquium here.

Nothing is new under the sun. I find it frustrating that researchers still talk about novel methods in papers/presentations- more so when the exact same method was well developed and used in my PhD research a long time ago! #grumpyResearcher #Subtweet

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Living Norway and GBIF

Living Norway is working closely together with the Norwegian GBIF node, and serve as an extension towards data that is needed for ecological research. We share the same standards, and Living Norway utilize the GBIF underlying infrastructure and data flow model.