About us

Living Norway Ecological Data Network is established as a joint effort to promote management of ecological data from Norwegian research institutions in agreement with FAIR principles. This include data mobilization efforts, development and deployment of new tools and data-infrastructure, contributing to the international development of data standards, and development of training for students and established researchers.

Living Norway is embedded with the Norwegian node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). We build on the same set of standards, and we build on the same

When fully operational Living Norway Ecological Data Network has the ambition to become the focal point for ecological data in Norway. To achive this, we focus on:

  • Develop new data infrastructure for facilitating FAIR management and publishing of data from ecology and associated fields 
  • Actively promote data mobilization and data provision through active network activities and stakeholder involvement
  • Develop new curriculum for academic courses and end-user training, incorporating knowledge about infrastructure usage and related research ethics


Living Norway Ecological Data Network currently consist of the following Norwegian institutions:

The interim board

Members of the Living Norway interim board:

Signe NybøNINAChair of the board
Kjetil RasmussenNTNUVise chairman
Olav SkarpaasUiOBoard member
Ørjan TotlandUiBBoard member
Jan VermaatNMBUBoard member
Per StålnackeNIBIOBoard member
Arild LindgaardNorwegian Biodiversity Information CentreBoard member
Ingunn Margrethe LimstrandNorwegian Environment AgencyObserver
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