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To expand the activities and the knowhow created in the Living Norway Ecological Data Network and reach out to the Norwegian ecological research community, we launch the open science lab project. All ecologists and others who use or produce ecological data at all educational and career stages are invited to join us.

We do not require that your institution has signed the network agreement. The only expectation from you is that you share our vision for open, transparent and reproducible ecological research centered around open and FAIR data: It is completely up to you how much you want to invest in the lab – we appreciate your attendance in any case. Read further to know why you should sign in.

Living Norway Ecological Data Network promotes management and sharing of ecological data based on best principles. Open sharing of (ecological) data is embedded in a deeper understanding of the value of open science, and we therefore also explore and promote these wider open science opportunities (and challenges) for our research community and the society at large.

So far, the activity in our network has centered around the network group (link), representing the institutions that have signed the network agreement. However, to connect even closer to the wider research community in ecology, we now launch our “open science lab” open to all researchers and students – in ecology and related disciplines.  After all, not only will the tools and procedures we build at the Living Norway will all be open to the wider community following open science standards, but the input from the wider community will also be crucial for our success.

The open science lab simply connects people who share a common interest and passion for open, transparent, and reproducible ecological research centered around open and FAIR data. We have loads of unsolved questions and challenges (including data-infrastructures and software, use of standards for ecological data etc.), so there are ample possibilities to make a real contribution if you want. But if you just want to join to learn about FAIR data management, open science, and keep updated with what we are up to, you are just as welcome to join the lab.

What do you gain by joining our open science lab?

  • Access to monthly webinars & lab meetings
  • Access to networking across institutions and career stages
  • Possibility to contribute to code and software development, testing & review – for improved management of ecological data
  • Updated know-how and best practices guidelines for open science and FAIR data management in ecology and beyond
  • Get help and advice about how to publish your ecological data based on the Darwin Core standard
  • Possibility to post or even guest-edit the Living Norway blog
  • Suggest open science activities and hackathons, and get support from Living Norway to arrange those 
  • Contribute to and join discussions about the wider work of Living Norway Ecological Data Network

Seminar series – past events

Mini-workshop: neaten up your code  In this small workshop, we will put what we learned about code accessibility and reproducibility into practice.
Using LivingNorwayR to create a Darwin Core compliant data archiveThe workshop is a follow up of the webinar held on the 8th of September.
Mini-workshop: neaten up your codeCollaborative “neatening up” for your code to be more accessible, reproducible, and publishable.
Best practices for accessible and reproducible codeWhat makes code accessible and reproducible?
Do’s and don’ts for publishing your dataWhether to publish your data à should usually not even be a question!
Kick-off: the big umbrella of open scienceIntroduction to the Living Norway Open Science Lab: our vision, everyone’s input

Chloé R. Nater is in charge of the seminars.

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More than 150 people from 24 countries have already signed up for the lab. Do you want to join as well?

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