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The Living Norway Open Science Lab is our initiative to expand activities to and share knowhow created in the Living Norway Ecological Data Network with the broader Norwegian and international community. The initiative spans across roles, institutions, and career stages.

Lack of know-how and network support are among the main barriers for people to share data and practice science more openly. Living Norway’s main contribution to addressing this is through its Open Science Lab: an initiative to provide introductions to and training in open science practices and to connect people who share a common interest and passion for open, transparent, and reproducible ecological research.

Throughout 2022, the Open Science Lab has hosted monthly webinars and online workshops covering everything from general principles of open science to hands-on coding sessions involving tools for formatting data and making reproducible workflows. Over 150 researchers from 24 countries joined us, and all materials – including recordings – are openly available to everyone here.

In 2023, the lab’s focus is on providing in-person training workshops, primarily in Norway. The workshops cover a range of topics including open science best practice and tools for publishing and working with FAIR data and writing transparent and reproducible workflows. We also work closely together with our sister initiative “Living Norway Open Science Training”, which provides open science training for students.

All upcoming workshops and events will be announced on this page, but if you want to make sure you do not miss anything, you can sign-up to the Open Science Lab mailing list by clicking the button below:  

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Chloé R. Nater is coordinating the open science lab

No workshop or course planned in your city / at your institution? We are keen to teach and engage with people in other places. Send an email to to get in touch and discuss bringing relevant workshops and training events under your roofs.

Seminar series 2022 – overview