How to share data

Publish your data to GBIF!

If you want to share data through the Living Norway Ecological Data Network, you should publish it to the GBIF network.  All data available through the Living Norway Ecological Data Network is first published through the GBIF infrastructure. GBIF has a Quick guide to publishing data through on their website. 

What data can you share through the Living Norway Ecological Data Network? supports the publication of biodiversity datasets using different biodiversity data standards. Traditionally, the biodiversity infrastructures have focused heavily on data that document the occurrence of a species. Such data are relatively simple, consisting of a timestamp, location and the species name, and is often termed primary biodiversity data. You can share primary biodiversity data to the Living Norway Ecological Data Network, but the main focus of Living Norway is on richer ecological data, defined as data on organisms and their quantity and/or relation to other organisms. Ecological data typically contain additional information about the sampling protocol, sample size, methods, sampling event etc. 

Publishing data using the GBIF IPT

The Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) is a free, open source software tool used to publish and share biodiversity datasets through the GBIF network. If your organisation has its own IPT installtion we recommend you to use that. You can also contact GBIF Norway, which provides a helpdesk support to new publishers in Norway, and also host support for datasets on the GBIF Norway IPT. Please contact GBIF Norway <> for assistance. 

To connect your dataset published via an IPT to the Living Norway Ecological Data Network, you could either tag it in the IPT under the network functionality, or you could contact us <> so we could do it on your behalf. 

Preparing and publishing data using LivingNorwayR

The LivingNorwayR package provides a workflow for creating a Darwin Core standard-compliant data archive (“a data package”). With this R package you can create the Darwin Core Archive directly from R or R-Studio, and later publish the data package to GBIF. You can do so through the IPT (see above). In the future we will explore further options to publish your data using LivingNorwayR.