Seminar no. 1

Kick-off: the big umbrella of open science

What is “open science” and what should our Open Science Lab be?

There are a lot of different things that can be considered as parts of “open science”. We’ll organise an interactive brainstorming session and group discussion on the different aspects of Open Science. Leading on from that discussion, we’ll then introduce our vision for the Living Norway Open Science Lab and invite all of you to share your thoughts, ideas, and wishes for what it should be.

Presentations from the meeting

Webinar contents 

  • -Introduction of Living Norway & Open Science Lab members
  • -Lightning introductions to Open Science facets:
  • Open Science – principles and overview, Erlend Nilsen, NINA 
  •  Open and FAIR data, Dag Endresen, GBIF Norway 
  •  Open code and tools, Matt Grainger, NINA 
  •  Workflow reproducibility & accessibility, Chloé Nater, NINA 
  •  Teaching Open Science, Aud Halbritter, University of Bergen 
  • -Lab members’ experience & interests – survey results 
  • -Organization of the Open Science Lab:
  • Aim and vision 
  •  Upcoming webinars & envisioned formats 
  •  Using Slack for communicating and networking 
  •  Other activities 

-Open floor for input 

The meeting (with the exception of the open floor discussion) was recorded and you can watch the recording below. The presentation slides are also available for download at the bottom of this page.  


PDF slides

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