Seminar no. 2

Do’s and don’ts for publishing your data

When: 07. April 2022

Time: 01:30 PM

Where: Teams

 When, where, and how to publish your (meta)data

There are a great many questions surrounding publishing of data. Whether to publish your data is fortunately not the central one anymore. But when do you publish your data? Where do you publish it? In what format? What are the requirements for metadata?  What license should you choose? This seminar will touch on these questions and more, and we will focus on collating what is “best practice” for publishing data and metadata.


  • Whether to publish your data should usually not even be a question!
  • When to publish your data (paper accepted, paper under review, work in progress, just because)
  • Where to publish your data (institutional and public repositories etc.)
  • In what format to publish your data
  • Metadata requirements
  • Licenses and user agreements
  • Funder and journal expectations
  • A short overview of the current situation with respect to reusability of published data

Presentations from the meeting


PDF Slides

Below, you can download a compilation of the slides from all three presentations in .pdf format.

Anders Finstad’s slides can also be downloaded here.

Dominique Roche’s slides are also archived on Zenodo:

Dmitry Schigel’s presentation included showcasing several websites and online resources:

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