Seminar no. 3

Mini-workshop: neaten up your code  

When: 17th November

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Where: Teams

In this small workshop we will put what we learned about code accessibility and reproducibility into practice. The lab will get together for a short recap on best practices for code, and then split into smaller groups to work on neatening up some R code. Example code will be available, but we encourage participants to bring their own code along: it’s a great opportunity to get some feedback and prepare your code for publishing and re-use!  

We encourage everyone to attend / watch the recording of our webinar on “Best practices for accessible and reproducible code” and read the BES’ great “Guide to Reproducible Code in Ecology and Evolution” in preparation for the workshop.  

Presentations from the meeting


Dr. Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar (University of Bielefeld) got us started with a recap of principles and tips for writing reproducible code. You can see his presentation here.

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