Workshop 1: Education and Open Science

How can we best convey the principles of open science to students, make use of open science in teaching and mentoring, and develop the tools and techniques for the future of open science? This workshop is designed to share and collate experiences and ideas in the intersection of open science and education, and forecast the way forward. The workshop is a collaboration between Living Norway and bioCEED, located at the University of Bergen.

Time table for the workshop

09:00-09:10Opening of workshopVigdis Vandvik, UiB
09:10-09:30Short group discussion on experiences in open science X education
09:30-09:45Questionable research practices and the role of replication studies in ecologyHanna Fraser, University of Melbourne
09:45-10:00The development of the COMPADRE/COMADRE databases, and teaching using these productsRob Salgugero-Gomez, Oxford University
10:00-10:15Open science in the Plant Functional Traits CoursesTanya Strydom / Aud Halbritter, UiB
10:15-10:30Teaching open science through R-bloggingLuis Darcy Verde Arregoitia, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
10:30-10:45Mini-panel discussion
10:45-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:40Group discussion
11:40-11:55Discussion presentations
11:55-12:00Closing comments

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