Workshop 2: Modelling new and open data sources in ecology

In this workshop, we will discuss how improved data management following FAIR principles combined with new statistical models for data integration will result in new possibilites for making inference about ecological systems across large spatio-temporal scales. The workshop is arranged in collaboration between Living Norway and Centre for Biodiversity Dyanamics (CBD) , which located at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The workshop will be arranged as a combination of short lectures, followed up by group discussions and a planery summary of the group discussions.

Timetable for the workshop:

Time Activity
13:00 – 13:05Introduction to the workshopBob O’Hara, NTNU
13:05 – 13:20Presentation about data onthologiesJoe Chipperfield, NINA
13:20-13:50Group discussions about data onthologies
13:50-14:00Summary of group discussionsJoe Chipperfield, NINA
14:20-14:35Presentation about data integrationBob O’Hara
14:35-15:05Group discussions about data integration
15:05-15:20Summary of group discussionsBob O’Hara
15:20-15:45General discussion

Group discussions

The group discussions during this workshop will take place in virtual video meeting rooms embedded in Slack. We will give additional iformation about the group discussions during the workshop.

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