Open science Lab – seminar series 2022


In 2022, the Living Norway Open Science Lab hosted a series of webinars and online workshops introducing, showcasing, and discussing different aspects of open science (from data and coding standards over reproducible workflows to more general principles and knowledge transfer).  

The webinars and workshops were open to researchers, students, and any other interested party from all across the world and more than 150 people from 24 countries were signed up. The webinar speakers and workshop instructors were open science experts and enthusiasts from both Norway and other countries, and have agreed to make their materials openly available.  

Below is an overview over the webinars and online workshops held as part of the Open Science Lab seminar series throughout 2022. Clicking on a webinar/workshop title will bring you an event page containing a description, event recording, presentation slides, and additional links and materials.  


Introduction to different facets of open science (FAIR data, accessible code and tools, reproducible workflows, teaching) and objectives of the Open Science Lab for 2022.  

Speakers: Chloé Nater (NINA), Erlend Nielsen (NINA), Dag Endersen (GBIF Norway), Matthew Grainger (NINA), Aud Halbritter (University of Bergen) 

All about when, where, and how to publish your (meta)data. 

Speakers: Anders Finstad (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Dmitry Schigel (GBIF Secretariat), Dominique Roche (Carleton University / University of Neuchâtel) 

Why publishing neat code matters, what makes code accessible and reproducible, and what the GitHub hype is all about. 

Speakers: Laura Graham (University of Birmingham), Aud Halbritter (University of Bergen), Francesco Frassinelli (NINA) 

Introduction to the principles underlying data standards and illustration with an example using the Darwin Core Standard. 

Speakers: Anders Kolstad (NINA) 


Recap of best practices for code, then putting what we learned about code accessibility and reproducibility into practice. 

Speakers/instructors: Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar (University of Bielefeld) 

Introduction to and practical demo of the LivingNorwayR R package for transforming your data into Darwin Core standard-compliant data archives. 

Speakers/instructors: Matthew Grainger (NINA) 

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