Program Living Norway Colloquium 2020

On day two, Living Norway, Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) at NTNU and bioCEED at UiB will co-host two workshops, focusing on tools for integrated modelling of open data sources and increased teaching FAIR data management and open science, respectively.

Workshop 1: How can we best convey the principles of open science to students, make use of open science in teaching and mentoring, and develop the tools and techniques for the future of open science? This workshop is designed to share and collate experiences and ideas in the intersection of open science and education, and forecast the way forward.

Workshop 2: In this workshop, we will discuss how improved data management following FAIR principles combined with new statistical models for data integration will result in new possibilites for making inference about ecological systems across large spatio-temporal scales. The workshop will be arranged as a combination of short lectures, followed up by group discussions and a planery summary of the group discussions.

You’ll find the time schedule for the workshops here: